Business Opportunities and More

Business Opportunities and More

Corporate Beatings

There are times when our economy slums, that a great awareness takes place. Like a bear waking up from a winters nap, professional eyes rub and realize that they, rather, need to get out of their superfluous, sleepy day and make some serious changes. Often these people have to review their options. The work they considered safe was considered surplus in their companys eyes. These professionals in the industry have finally experienced this type of loss enough times to be ready to make career adjustment. Just like the bear that comes from his cave, he is focused and determined. He has a hunger that will be fed through the product of his effort; effort that stands in distinct contrast to the long winters sleep in a job.


I have talked to thousands of people who dream of being independent. They want to join the estimated half-million annual home-based business startups and 8.6 million independent entrepreneurs nationwide. Most come from high positions in companies that require extraordinary hours and effort, frequent travel from home and a limited income. Granted, for most of these people, 200,000 defines limited income. They were looking for the opposite of their current situation. In general, they would check their schedule, work close to home, have unlimited income potential and the security that they do not have a job held for the employers pleasure.

Simply the opportunity to take this step is something that most professionals lack during work-sleep. People without college graduates start over 71% of businesses. People with higher education, years of income and experience and family stability should use these attributes to create the exceptional life they want. They are infinitely more qualified to run a business properly compared to a college educated blue collar worker. However, our witnesses who carry comrades often ignore this truth because of their usual work, a significant income and insufficient self-esteem that do not allow them to risk their security of their own abilities.

Is your education an advantage?

Your education and experience are beneficial to you because you have a greater reason for placing new information. Accept that when choosing a business, choose something where you already have abilities, or as you can learn effectively, very quickly. Do not try to learn a complicated product or service when learning how to run a business. You must be able to focus your efforts in moneymaking activities and the necessary administrative procedures that your business requires.

Your determination must be like the hungry bear. You must remove errors as an option. If the bear fails, it dies. You have never had to continue as you may need in your own business. Losses usually come out of your personal pocket, outside your dining table, from your childs college fund. You can not syndicate decision making or responsibility. Stress is carried on the shoulders of endurance as an overweight child. The rewards you are looking for are ONLY available to those who will shoulder that burden over time.

Ownership. Do it or stop blaming.

For some of you, ownership is a strange concept. You have always worked for a company that owned something. You always looked at the owners as the lucky people who make all the real money while doing the hard work for a certain salary. Here is a secret. Owners ALWAYS take risks and make investments before making the real money. The owners of the company you work for spent money and worked before you were hired. They risked the loss of money and time before they saw a return. They were concerned about their decision to leave their safe paycheck before doing their business. You have the same choice before you now. You must decide to continue.

Even your effort alone can not guarantee success. You need funding. Its always exciting for me to talk to someone who is a high-level professional who does not have funding to start with a modest business. To independently start a home based business costs 20,000 to 50,000. These self-presented successes can not deduct money from a liquid investment to get started. Most people struggle economically, even after a decade or more in a high paying job, yet they are still killing the decision to go in another direction. Ill spell it again - Jobs do not work. The proof for this lies within its own experience and they continue to resist seeing it.

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